About us

Gifla Associates provides a range of specialist business growth and corporate support services to enable its local and international clients to maximise the factors that drive success and minimise the risks associated with running a company.

Commercial success needs:

  • A clear understanding of customer wants and needs
  • A flexible and commercial mentality
  • A happy and loyal customer base
  • A defined and actionable business development strategy
  • A motivated, skilled and professional workforce
  • A detailed and legally compliant HR approach

The Gifla Associates team offers unrivalled knowledge and ‘hands on’ experience in all of the above, based on a genuine ‘been there, seen it, done it’ track record, spanning more than three decades.

We offer our clients a range of support services carefully targeted to meet their individual needs. Key among these are:

  • Customer targeting and sales development planning
  • Competitor analysis and industry benchmarking
  • Building and enhancing awareness and brand recognition
  • People management support
  • Industry and customer networking events
  • Co-ordinating and supporting cross industry collaboration
  • Recruitment, training, staff development and motivational programmes
  • Staff and client feedback surveys and analysis